Do I need to provide cleaning products?

No, we provide all our cleaning supplies, unless you prefer to use your own products.

What do I need to prepare for your cleaning services?

You do not have to prepare anything. Unless you would like to change linen, then you would have ready the bedding sheets.

How much will your cleaning services cost?

Depends on the type of cleaning you are looking for, and the square footage of the property.

How do I pay for my cleaning service?

You pay after the service is done, our payment methods are check, cash, debit/card card, and zelle. If you use your debit/credit card, it does have a $10.00 processing fee.

  • We do not have Venmo or Cashapp.

Can I choose a specific time of day for my cleaning service?

Yes you can pick either morning or afternoon time frame and we will work accordingly.

Do I have to be home when the cleaning team arrives?

You can be home if you choose but you don't have to. Options are: you can either provide a code/key for them to have access to get in or you can meet the crew to let them in.

What services do you NOT provide?

We do not provide laundry service, organizing belongings, and removing huge trash/junk items.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are bonded & insured. We can send you the information before any service is provided.

What do I do with my pet while you are in my home?

You can have the option to leave your pets either in the crate, in a room or outside.

Who will actually be cleaning my home?

It is a crew of 3 people, which includes a supervisor and 2 helpers who will be coming to provide the cleaning service.